I am a petrolhead since I was a little kid and quickly began to notice and get curious about the smallest details.

Back then, everything was purely aesthethic to me and wind deflectors were maybe the first thing I can remember to dislike in a car. I wasn’t quite fond with the way it messed a bit with the lines of the vehicle and, for me, those were just some useless pieces of plastic hanging by the window.
Now, wind deflectors are kind of mandatory and one of the first addons I have to do soon after acquiring a car. I usually buy them for all the four windows, but I could only find the pair for the front ones and since the 21 is quite an old model, I doubt I will ever get the rear deflectors.

This car was kept in storage for a long period with all the four windows completely closed, yet the interior was clean and there were no strong smells present inside. While now I think this looks cool, specially the dark colored ones, it also brings some nice advantages like keeping the car fresh while preventing water to come right in and, for example, right now, while it is under maintenance, in storage, I can keep the windows open just enough for the air to flow without getting a ton of dust to clean later on.

Well, if somebody knows where I can find the missing rear ones, I would be happy to get them!

Team Heko Front Wind Deflectors (pair) = 41.92€


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