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A microwave heats faster, but a BBQ tastes better.

There was this yellow Prius (XW60) passing by while I was waiting at the STOP sign. I thought it was probably someone on their way to get groceries, but suddenly, I found myself speeding up and chasing it to the highway.
The first section was uphill, and the instant power of the Prius gave it an early lead. I hesitated, unsure if this was truly a race, but let’s just say I gave him some time to think and go away before I hit the gas.
Full throttle then, and I was on top of him right before the first roundabout. Now the real race began.
In section two, after the first roundabout, the Prius quickly pulled away again, but this time I was ready. We entered the second roundabout almost rubbing bumpers.
The Prius weighs around 200kg more than the Mazda 6, but it also has more power from combined sources. I had to make do with what my Mazda had to offer and watched him pull away once again as we entered the longest section of this race. But I kept pushing because I knew something was about to happen.
I’ve driven and raced against some electric cars, and while they have a great initial pull, it doesn’t last long. They usually have a speed limiter kicking in around 150 km/h or, in the case of this Prius, around 170/180 km/h as far as I could tell.
Once I knew this sugar’s boiling point, I took control of the race. To wave goodbye, I turned on the hazard lights and drifted the Mazda 6 all around the third and last roundabout, marking the end of section three. 
I’m sure section 4 would have been all mine, but since my lunch break was ending, I had to postpone it for another day.
I’m not the biggest fan of power wheels, but I must admit I quite like the XW60 Prius and would buy one if I could.
Actually, I got a bit curious to test drive one. May I, @toyotaportugal?
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