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Open Base Day 2022 @ Lajes Air Base

  Although it may not be as large as it once was, but there’s always something different to see at Open Base Day, and it’s still a fantastic way to spend the day. Due to security reasons, this major event in my hometown has seen its covered area significantly reduced year after year. Held at […]

A Touch of Chrome: OEM+ Side Mirror Covers

The Mondeo came home when I was 15. Later, at 18, I was finally able to drive it and thus the modding fest began. By that point, all my knowledge about driving and “car decoration” came from intensive workshops and famous webinars you all may also be familiar with, called “Need for Speed” and “Forza […]

Challenge Accepted – Taking On The Yellow Prius

A microwave heats faster, but a BBQ tastes better. There was this yellow Prius (XW60) passing by while I was waiting at the STOP sign. I thought it was probably someone on their way to get groceries, but suddenly, I found myself speeding up and chasing it to the highway.The first section was uphill, and […]

Panda – A Two Tone E39 Touring

Despite the bad looks, the Touring is not that bad. This was once a great car, formerly driven by a mayor in another island, and it had a beautiful original color too. But someone, somewhere along its history, decided it was a good idea to dip the entire car in a giant bucket of a […]

Resurrecting Retro: Salvageyard Baccara Wheels for the Renault 21

I was on tour from one salvageyard to another in search of some parts for my cars, mainly for the Renault 21, when I spotted these Baccara wheels. They were mounted on a Clio I and since I could only see one side of the car, I didn’t knew if the set was complete. Luckily, […]

Kickstarting Another Money Pit

As soon as the Renault 21 arrived at my new home, I began exploring what I could readily do, and it didn’t take long until I placed an order for the first batch of parts. Let another money pit begin. Everything is cheap for this car, although some parts may be difficult to find due […]

A Pleasant Surprise – Mazda CX3

I must say I’m not a big fan of Small SUVs. Have driven Crosslands, Capturs and 2008’s but none of them could get me impressed even by a tiny little bit. Those are just taller versions of reasonable hatchbacks like Corsas, Clios and 208s, not necessarily roomier, usually also FWD and the offroad ability is […]

Baby Steps on Project 21 – Wind Deflectors

  I am a petrolhead since I was a little kid and quickly began to notice and get curious about the smallest details. Back then, everything was purely aesthethic to me and wind deflectors were maybe the first thing I can remember to dislike in a car. I wasn’t quite fond with the way it […]

French Quirks – Yellow Headlights

  From Xenon with a weird greenish tone to a yellow headlight wrap, this time I had to this properly. In 1930s French Government required that every new vehicle sold in France to be equipped with yellow dipped beams, either by military reasons or because those were smoother to the eyes of the oncoming drivers […]

Toolbox Therapy – How To Fix The Idle Speed (Easy Way)

First adventure under the hood of the Touring Panda was to go after this bit of hardware, the Idle Control Valve. The inline-6 M52 was pulling nicely but with the needle resting around 1200 rpm on idle, something was not right. After checking the intake for any blockages, it was time to also check the […]