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Another Project: At Last, An E34!

by MidnighTuners

Another working day coming to an end, the weather was good and I took a different route to drive home. The short trip was almost done when I spotted an old BMW for sale that spiced up my curiosity enough to make me turn around and take a closer look, even when my mind began to remind me that I couldn’t own any more cars, but since I’ve been fantasizing about an E34 for some time, I just decided to go there anyway.


First thing I wanted to know was which powerplant was under the hood and a weird “525i” replica badge by the trunk satisfied my needs. At this point, the idea of actually buying the car started to grow and almost instantly, I found myself trying to get in touch with the seller. After a quick chat arranging the meeting and now with the price tag in mind, I had some time to inspect a bit more before making my decision.


The car was clean, nothing seemed wrong and apart from a few light scratches, every panel was in the right place. Without opening the hood, I was almost certain that it wasn’t involved in any major crash. Well, so far, so good and I hadn’t even driven the car yet.


The test drive was the big surprise and as soon as I took off, I immediately fell in love! Due to its age and size, I was expecting it to be heavy, noisy and hard to drive… but I was way off the mark! Everything was so smooth, the flat six barely made any noise on lows and mids and the car felt like it was all in one piece. By the end of the day, a “new” BMW 525i E34 was parked in my driveway and I could only think about one thing: Rain.

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Marlene August 10, 2020 - 2:05 pm

Lov it 🙂


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